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About Maria K.E. Lahman

My specialty areas are the advancement of culturally responsive and ethical qualitative research with an emphasis on diversity and research writing representation.

I am a professor of Qualitative Methodology in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO, USA.

My interest in qualitative research representation includes all areas with an emphasis on research poetry, autoethnography, and the arts.


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The Essentials of Me

Engagement with Qualitative Researchers

For over two decades I have had the privilege of engaging with multiple researchers on their thesis and dissertations, initial qualitative research projects, writing research ethics applications, developing aspirational culturally responsive research ethics stances, writing, revising, and publishing research and moving from research training and a career in quantitative research to exploring qualitative options.  

Learning Together

As someone who taught kindergarten in public school, and directed and taught preschool at three different laboratory schools, I have personally been learning with students from ages 2 through people in their 60s. This is one of the biggest pleasures in my work—bringing learning into the higher education classroom environment in an engaged and hands-on way. Translating these basic principles of dynamic early childhood learning to research felt easy to me since research clearly needs to be taught through doing both within the safety of the classroom as methods are debated, practiced, and refined and then through beginning research projects. Learning together as collaborative course members have allowed me to have a lifetime of Becoming.

Culturally Responsive Research and Ethics

Integrating Culturally Responsive Research and Ethics into my many years of experience as a researcher and IRB member and chair has been a concentrated focus of mine. I have worked to channel my frustrations with institutional research ethics review into advocating for researchers’ development of personal aspiration research ethics.  My current academic engagement in this area is to advocate for Cultural Humility as part of culturally responsive research.


On a personal note, as a Mom who was told she couldn’t have children, my research explorations are often in the area of parenting and loss. But for me, joy and loss are intimately connected—without pain we would not have joy. My joy is in my family and in helping researchers find joy, even if just glimpses or moments at times, in the research process we are all dedicated to. My moments of joy include digging in a flower garden while thinking about researchers and research and hearing the sounds of my children, spouse, and urban chickens in the background.

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