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Academic Writing Month (#AcWriMo) Nov. 2021

November is Academic Writing Month! AcWritMo developed from Novel Writing Month where writers commit to writing a novel. Academic writers consider, what writing do we need to finish? What new writing could we start? What can we commit to?

For some writers difficult contexts in academia in addition to COVID will mean committing to writing right now is too much. It may be better to use Nov. to get organized, dip into new resources, and just cheer on those who are going for it. As a community, we want to celebrate success.

This ACWRIMO I am delighted to be part of several great initiatives. I am the Mentor in Residence at Sage Publishings Methodspace. At that site, Sage is offering a discount code for both of my books! Writing and Representing Qualitative Research, and the relevant text, Ethics in Social Science Research: Becoming Culturally Responsive.

QSR NVIVO is hosting a webinar titled Publish and Persevere where I will speak about details in publishing and promoting qualitative research. You can sign-up at this link.

Follow me on Twitter or Facebook or sign up on my website for my emails. I have podcasts and infographics coming on how to Publish and Persevere!

Just some of the many resources for AcWriMo can be found here.!-(-acwrimo)

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