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Maria Lahman

Research Poetry

hands hold a picture of the map of the world

Get ready for World Poetry Day on March 21 and U.S. National Poetry Month in April BORN A POEM Born a poem of babble, coo, lallation, we lost the way in plodding, prosaic texts— sibilance silenced, joy abjured, expression extinguished.…

Free Writing Series


This spring, starting Jan. 20, I am excited to be able to offer a FREE Qualitative Research Writing Series through NVIVO. This will build on the webinar I presented in the fall. Registration details are at the link below. I…

Writers Groups


See my recent blog entry on Methodspace about Writers Groups! Resources Durst, R. K. (1992). A writer’s community: How teachers can form writing groups. In K. L. Dahl (Ed.), Teacher as writer: Entering the professional conversation (pp. 261–271). National…

Why Qualitative Merch?


Recently I was in need of a fun gift to thank my good colleague, Dr. Randy Larkins, for all the work he has taken on to support my sabbatical. I was able to find many humourous statistics, research or Ph.D.…