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Research Poetry

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Get ready for World Poetry Day on March 21 and U.S. National Poetry Month in April BORN A POEM Born a poem of babble, coo, lallation, we lost the way in plodding, prosaic texts— sibilance silenced, joy abjured, expression extinguished.…

Free Writing Series

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This spring, starting Jan. 20, I am excited to be able to offer a FREE Qualitative Research Writing Series through NVIVO. This will build on the webinar I presented in the fall. Registration details are at the link below. I…

Writers Groups

Pens Kelly Sikkema Jdpdmainjko Unsplash

See my recent blog entry on Methodspace about Writers Groups! Resources Durst, R. K. (1992). A writer’s community: How teachers can form writing groups. In K. L. Dahl (Ed.), Teacher as writer: Entering the professional conversation (pp. 261–271). National…

Why Qualitative Merch?

Mug Qualitative Please Wait

Recently I was in need of a fun gift to thank my good colleague, Dr. Randy Larkins, for all the work he has taken on to support my sabbatical. I was able to find many humourous statistics, research or Ph.D.…