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Conducting quality research can be hard, and writing and publishing are harder! There is a lot of stress around the need to publish or perish in higher education. However, research could be a place where we PUBLISH & PRESERVE, and it should be a place where we seek to explore ideas we wonder about and hopes we are passionate about.

Who Might Benefit?

  • Graduate Students
  • Professors
  • Academic Staff
  • Universities
  • Research Groups
  • Corporations

For What?

  • Dissertation/Thesis
  • Research Projects
  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Professor Job Search

About What?

  • Qualitative Research DesignResearch Projects
    • Culturally Responsive Research
    • Sampling
    • Data collection
    • Theoretical match
    • Rigor and quality of research (validity/reliability)
    • Analysis plan
  • Qualitative Research WritingScholarships
    • Articles
    • Dissertations/Thesis
    • Research conference presentations and posters
    • Research poetry
    • Auto-ethnography
    • Motivation, productivity, and promotion
  • Professor Job Search
    • Vita, teaching, and research statements preparation
    • Campus research presentation
    • Campus interview preparation
    • General tips (dress, what to expect, protocol)
  • Diversify You: The Entrepreneurial Academic
    • The Entrepreneurial Academic Mindset
    • The Entrepreneurial Academic Career
    • Entrepreneurial Transition to a Fulfilling Retirement

Maria’s novel teaching style leverages the varying cultural identities among those who work with her as well as herself, which naturally facilitates meaningful discussions that speak beyond the immediate interaction and into everyday life and growth.

Dr. Dannon Cox, Ph.D.

Dr. Lahman is knowledgeable in group learning and writing strategies. I learned everything I had hoped to, and more

Doctoral Student Participant

Dr. Maria Lahman is a qualitative research expert who is passionate about inspiring other scholars in this field. Her keynote session at our Asian Qualitative Research Association (in the Philippines) demonstrated her deep passion for qualitative research, ethics, writing, and people’s empowerment. She has published some of the most practical books that capture well her expertise in and passion for these topics.

Dr. Safary Wa-Mbaleka, Ed.D., Ph.D.