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Why Qualitative Merch?

Recently I was in need of a fun gift to thank my good colleague, Dr. Randy Larkins, for all the work he has taken on to support my sabbatical. I was able to find many humourous statistics, research or Ph.D. mugs, stickers, t-shirts, and more, but nothing that said Qualitative!

I made the mistake of complaining out loud to my family and was challenged to create some merchandise. Having teenagers in the house has helped me keep thee products from being “cringe” or “sus,” I hope.

I find it doubtful if I will ever make money from this, but if I do I’ll figure out a fun way to donate back. So far I have used items for raffles and gifts!

I saw this funny saying again today about the Ph.D. so I added the word qualitative and here is the result!

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